Take It Slow And Study
Monday, February 19, 2018 at 2:18PM
Ralph West


My dear theologians. 


To an eagle, timing is everything: There’s a time to build a nest, a time to hatch an egg; a time to feed the baby eaglet, and a time to teach this young nest-potato bird how to fly.


Flight school in the eagle family is a big deal. The fun begins as the mother eagle wraps her mighty talons around her young freeloader for his first lift-off. Mother will soar two miles high while her horrified baggage gets its first look at the world. When the time is right she retracts her muscular claws and the young eaglet is on its own, free-falling, executing gold-medal winning Backside Triple Cork 1620 to Switch Backside Triple Cork 1620s, screaming and facing certain death as the ground quickly approaches (okay, so I’ve been watching the Olympics…a lot).


But, at the perfect moment, the ever-watching mother tucks her wings and makes a death-defying dive for the panicky bird. She zooms past the tumbling feather ball at about Mach 3.2, levels off, spreads her massive wings, and catches her young on her back. This routine is rehearsed over and over and over until the eaglet learns how to fly.


Using this illustration, God reminded Moses, “I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.”


What’s true about the eagle is true about God: Timing is everything. God’s precise moves, though often questioned, are always calculated. But whereas he’s “a friend who sticks closer than a brother,” one truth remains: God is never in a hurry. His creation serves as evidence; towering redwoods, blue-ice glaciers, our sun’s fuel tank – all speak of a Creator who bides his time. God is simply not in a hurry.


It’s not as though God can’t go faster. Hey, it took him only six days to create an entire universe. But God’s dealings with mankind have always been in real time, and in some cases, real s…l…o…w time (Think Noah; Abraham & Sarah; Children of Israel out of Egypt).


No, God will not be rushed. He even uses a different calendar: “…a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like a day.”


And my Outlook calendar? I am able to rush through Bible reading at better than Mach 3.2. And study? Oh, yeah: study. I can do that at Super G speed. But maybe it’s about time to acknowledge that I’m on God’s time. And to invest some of that time learning how to ‘fly’ on my own. Maybe it’s about time to take it slow…………..and study. Come on; it’s not like I’m being asked to perform a Backside Triple Cork 1620 to Switch Backside Triple Cork 1620. Just being ask to let God carry me to himself through his Holy Spirit and through his Word.


In Your Debt,


R              A                      L                        P                        H

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