Make Believe and Biblical Truth
Monday, February 26, 2018 at 9:11PM
Ralph West


My dear theologians, 


We owe much to the world’s great physicists: Archimedes, whose study of hydraulics and hydrostatics changed science forever; Sir Isaac Newton, who uncovered the Law of Gravity; and Albert Einstein, whose Theory of Relativity explains how…well…you know.


But the most imaginative of all physicists have to be the Warner Brothers. Their cartoon characters have rewritten every physical law known to man. None of these well-tested laws of physics is sacred to these innovative neo-scientists. Deep within their creative laboratories, with sketchpad and drawing pencil in hand, they’ve taught us how:



Rewriting physical laws in cartoons is fun and harmless. But only a Looney-Tune would deny the real thing.


The same thing is true when it comes to Scripture. Changing or ignoring God’s Word is a dangerous proposition. And yet many have tried. History is littered with attempted rewrites of biblical truth – or doing away with it altogether, hoping to outsmart the Creator.


In our lifetime, try Carl Sagan, the noted astronomer, whose bold first sentence of his bestseller, Cosmos, states, “The Cosmos is all that there is or ever was or ever will be.” Sagan died in 1997. If he could rewrite his book today, I’m sure Dr. Sagan would tell about a whole new dimension of the cosmos that he never considered before.


There will always be dissenters to the truth. Skeptics will continue to critique the Bible as antiquated, naïve, out of touch and irrelevant. But they’re simply playing the role of cartoonist. Make-believe is still just make-believe. Truth will always be truth.


No matter how loud or clever our culture may be, two things remain true: 1) Roadrunners cannot pass through solid mountains, and 2) God’s Word is always reliable.


Study well.


In Your Debt,


R                           A                     L                       P                         H

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