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    Reading Would Be A Good Start


    My dear theologians,


    Okay, reading the Bible would be good start before studying but, come on, “the Bible is boring.” Whoa there, wait a hold-it, slooooow down. You call these verses boring?


                A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of

                Abraham: Abraham was the father of Isaac….Salmon the father of Boaz

                whose mother was Rahab…David was the father of Solomon whose

                mother had been Uriah’s wife… (Mt 1:1, 5, 6)


    True. Not a whole lot of scintillating stuff there unless – unless one asks, “Who are these people?” But now we’re talking study. A quick study identifies Rahab as a hooker and Uriah’s wife the woman with whom King David had an affair (Bathsheba). And these people are in Jesus’ direct family line! Not so boring, now.


    The boredom that some people experience with the Bible sent my brain browser into ‘think fast’ mode when I was interviewing for a staff position with a NorCal worshipping community. The statement was, “We need someone young and energetic, someone with a dynamic method who will be able to ‘make the Bible come alive.’” While I knew what was being asked, I nevertheless wanted to say, “You want me to make the Bible come alive? I didn’t know it had died. If fact, I never even heard that it was ill. Who was the attending doctor at the Bible’s demise?” (I didn’t…probably wouldn’t have been offered the assignment had I spoken my irreverent thoughts.)


    When people say the Bible is boring, couple of things: 1. There are places, that without asking meaningful questions about what was read, do appear to be boring, and 2. Makes me wonder how that determination was made. Biblical characters are full of life. There is a unique quality of passion about them. Their lives reveal drama, lust, crime, devotion and every conceivable aspect of human existence (to which Vizzini might exclaim, “Inconceivable!” Yes, another Princess Bride flashback). There is rebuke, remorse, contrition, consolation, practical wisdom, philosophical reflection and, most of all, truth. The Truth.


    Get started. Read on!


    In Your Debt,


    R                   A                     L                      P               H

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