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We’re a resort village church, relaxed and warm. Dress up, dress down, come as you are. We are located at 975 C Avenue, Coronado, California. Resident or tourist, you’ll be among friends who desire to know Christ and make Christ known.


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   Traditional Style - 9:00am

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    « Prayers for Sutherland Springs and more! »

    The seeds of anger are planted very early in a person’s life. Disappointment, unmet expectations, blocked goals, fear and lack of control often lurk beneath the surface of one who is angry. If left unchecked, anger takes on a life of its own, and it becomes very destructive. It seems as if unbridled anger was at the core of Sunday’s horrific attack on the worshipping community in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I have no doubt that Jesus is still weeping, not just from this event, but all events where innocent lives are taken by misguided, hurting, angry, delusional individuals or groups. The question always comes up in times like this, “Where was God?”


    God is everywhere. God was present Sunday morning in that worshipping community. Why didn’t God prevent such an atrocity? That is a question I cannot answer. I am not God. However, I believe in a trajectory of history, a plan set in place before God spoke, “Let there be light.” I believe God is at work in and through history even when terrible things happen. No doubt, history is filled with examples of societies turning away from God and paying a tremendous price. When this happens, even the innocent are swept up in the path of evil and destruction. We can speculate on the nature of this murderer’s upbringing, and of those who contributed to his twisted and warped heart and mind, but that doesn’t bring back those whose lives were brutally cut short at a time of sacred worship.


    I would rather ask all who read these words to pray for that little worshipping community in Sutherland Springs; but let’s not forget last week’s tragedy in New York City. Nor the devastating events in Las Vegas, or the growing number of victims from such events throughout history! There is an answer – Jesus. As we who are apprentices of Jesus continue to be transformed into His image, pray for eyes to see those who are hurting. Pray for hearts willing to reach out to those in pain, and just maybe, we’ll find ourselves as part of the solution. Jesus said, “A new command I give to you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” Let us commit our hearts and minds to this command, and trust that God is able to redeem even the most horrific acts for His glory and honor. Let us pray…

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