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We’re a resort village church, relaxed and warm. Dress up, dress down, come as you are. We are located at 975 C Avenue, Coronado, California. Resident or tourist, you’ll be among friends who desire to know Christ and make Christ known.


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    « Prayer and Fasting »

    This past Sunday, I called our community to a season of prayer and fasting. For more than two years the leadership of Graham has been wrestling with serious concerns over the direction of the P.C.(U.S.A). Recently, the Presbytery of San Diego voted to graciously dismiss a congregation to another Reformed body. The vote was challenged and the synod courts overturned the will of the presbytery. My heart grieves. Tonight is the first time the presbytery meets following the synod decision. At noon today, several of us gathered in the sanctuary (and many others joined us in spirit), to pray for two things: resolution to the denominational issues, and renewed spiritual revival within each heart praying. We will continue to pray and fast weekly until our prayers are answered. To me, the very fact that so many have willingly committed to pray and fast over these two issues is proof that God is already answering the second prayer request! If you are so moved, please join us in this prayer and fast. If Tuesdays at noon do not work in your schedule, then, by all means, schedule your “Tuesday noon” prayer and fast at another time. There is no need to be legalistic about this. Fasting one meal a week while praying is a spiritual discipline found in Scripture, and I am excited to see what God will do in response to our faithfulness regarding these two issues. Thank you to all who accept this challenge!

                                 Grace and peace,

                                         Pastor David

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