Sunday Sermon Recap!
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 9:17AM
David McElrath

Good Wednesday to you,


This past Sunday we had the privilege of hearing Christian Bland’s first sermon. At age twenty-one, it is clear that God’s hand us upon this young man. He began by reminding us that walls not only keep people out or in, but actually keep people apart. When the “lawful believers” of Jerusalem challenged Peter for eating with unclean Gentiles, Peter related his vision in the house of Simon, the tanner (claiming all foods clean)  and the subsequent command to go with the Gentiles to the home of Cornelius. He related what happened when he shared the Good News with Cornelius and his household – the Holy Spirit fell upon them! All were amazed that God had granted even the Gentiles repentance unto life! (Acts 11:18)


Christian reminded us that differences will always be a part of our world, and that differences are not wrong but divisions are. By “majoring in the minors,” we have built walls based on differences, and those walls need to come down. That does not mean that theology is unimportant, but we must be careful not to turn non-essential preferences into quintessential beliefs. Tearing down walls that are of human construction is an important activity in the life of all believers. Thank you, Christian. (If you would like to send Christian an encouraging note, you can email him at


Hope to see you soon!


Pastor David

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