Sunday Sermon Recap - July 10
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 11:56AM

Good Wednesday to you.


This past Sunday Pastor Keith began his “Lost in Translation” series with the Greek word, koinonia. He took us beyond the fellowship we enjoy during a gentle conversation over a cup of tea (well, he is from Scotland) to doing life together in the power of the Holy Spirit.


The word koinonia means, “fellowship, communion, partnership.” Luke uses it for the first time in Acts 2:42 as he describes the activities that were taking place among Jesus’ followers immediately after Pentecost. They were serving one another, encouraging one another, praying with and for one another, enjoying meals with one another and connecting with one another as ones who truly loved one another – even if they disagreed on some things. So, how in the wide, wide world of all things church was that possible? They were totally committed to Jesus. Their koinonia (fellowship, communion, partnership) with Jesus was what connected them to each other.


Pastor Keith reminded us that as the church, we’re family. And, as family, we are to serve each other with the gifts we received from the Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s inviting someone for dinner or taking a stranger out for coffee or recognizing a friend who is struggling and offering to get together to listen and to pray. Maybe it’s as simple as reminding someone that they are, indeed, gifted and, using a metaphor from the world of art, a beautiful masterpiece of God’s loving handiwork.


The challenge? Let’s do life together. Let’s live in fellowship, in communion, in partnership with one another. And as we do, we will do amazing things for the kingdom of God!


The word next Sunday is pistis. Now, I’m not at liberty to tell you what the word means, but have faith that Pastor Keith will be able to use John 3:1-21 to help us understand the depth of God’s meaning for it.


For Pastor Keith and Pastor David…

Grace and peace,


Ralph West


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