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We’re a resort village church, relaxed and warm. Dress up, dress down, come as you are. We are located at 975 C Avenue, Coronado, California. Resident or tourist, you’ll be among friends who desire to know Christ and make Christ known.


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   Traditional Style - 9:00am

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    Good Wednesday to you.


    This past Sunday Pastor Keith concluded his “Lost in Translation” series – and his pulpit exchange with us – by introducing us to the Greek word, ekklesia. It has multiple, but similar meanings. It can mean church, assembly, a gathering, or those who are called out. Pastor Keith used 1 Peter 2:1-10 to take us deeper into what it means to be those who are called out: the church. And, spoiler alert, the church is never a physical structure.


    Here are the basics of what Jesus has called us to do as his church:

    • We are the people of God. We are to be dedicated disciples.
    • We are the family of God. “When you get Jesus, you get the family.” We journey together, walk together, grow together, cry with each other, laugh with each other – and we stick together even when there are disagreements.
    • We are the body of Christ. We each have a responsibility – and when one “part” of the body is not working, the entire body suffers.
    • We are a holy temple and living stones. God’s presence is with his people; when we meet together, we raise the level of his presence.  We are God’s beautiful workmanship.
    • We are the bride of Christ. Jesus loves his church (those who are called out) even with our flaws. He has pledged himself to us; we, in turn, pledge ourselves to him.


    Question number one of the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, “What is the chief end of man?” The English and Scottish theologians who wrote the 107 questions for that catechism in 1647, also provided the answer: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God forever.” What might that look like? Pastor Keith suggested the following answer: “If all the sleeping folks will wake up, and all the lukewarm folks will fire up, and all the disgruntled folks will sweeten up, and all the discouraged folks will cheer up, and all the depressed folks will look up, and all the estranged folks will make up, and all the gossiping folks will shut up, and all the dry bones will shake up, and all the true soldiers will stand up, and all the church members will pray up, and if the Savior of all will be lifted up . . . then we can have the greatest renewal this world has ever known!”


    Next Sunday our own Brady Rentz, Navy chaplain, will guide us through Psalm 90 reminding us about God’s perspective and encouragement for his people (there’s that ekklesia again) as we journey through our seasons of life.


    For Pastor Keith and Chaplain Rentz and Pastor David…


    Grace and peace,


    Ralph West

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