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We’re a resort village church, relaxed and warm. Dress up, dress down, come as you are. We are located at 975 C Avenue, Coronado, California. Resident or tourist, you’ll be among friends who desire to know Christ and make Christ known.


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    Sunday Sermon Recap - July 10

    Good Wednesday to you.


    This past Sunday Pastor Keith began his “Lost in Translation” series with the Greek word, koinonia. He took us beyond the fellowship we enjoy during a gentle conversation over a cup of tea (well, he is from Scotland) to doing life together in the power of the Holy Spirit.


    The word koinonia means, “fellowship, communion, partnership.” Luke uses it for the first time in Acts 2:42 as he describes the activities that were taking place among Jesus’ followers immediately after Pentecost. They were serving one another, encouraging one another, praying with and for one another, enjoying meals with one another and connecting with one another as ones who truly loved one another – even if they disagreed on some things. So, how in the wide, wide world of all things church was that possible? They were totally committed to Jesus. Their koinonia (fellowship, communion, partnership) with Jesus was what connected them to each other.


    Pastor Keith reminded us that as the church, we’re family. And, as family, we are to serve each other with the gifts we received from the Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s inviting someone for dinner or taking a stranger out for coffee or recognizing a friend who is struggling and offering to get together to listen and to pray. Maybe it’s as simple as reminding someone that they are, indeed, gifted and, using a metaphor from the world of art, a beautiful masterpiece of God’s loving handiwork.


    The challenge? Let’s do life together. Let’s live in fellowship, in communion, in partnership with one another. And as we do, we will do amazing things for the kingdom of God!


    The word next Sunday is pistis. Now, I’m not at liberty to tell you what the word means, but have faith that Pastor Keith will be able to use John 3:1-21 to help us understand the depth of God’s meaning for it.


    For Pastor Keith and Pastor David…

    Grace and peace,


    Ralph West



    Sunday Sermon Recap - July 3

    Good Wednesday to you.


    This past Sunday we had an unexpected visit from the Apostle Paul…sort of. We were delighted to know that Pastor John would be preaching – we just didn’t know he would be using a mode of storytelling called first-person narrative to bring us the Apostle Paul’s thoughts about the letter he (Paul, not Pastor John) wrote to those attending the churches in Galatia.


    Pastor John, I mean Paul, took us back to a time during which he received a report that the churches he started in Galatia had fallen into hard times—specifically, they had fallen into error. A group of Judaizers sought to make living under the Mosaic Law a requirement of the Christian faith. He told them to use the Law, instead, as a mirror – to look into it, see one’s imperfections (sin), accept God’s gift of forgiveness and then enjoy the freedom of walking in step with the Spirit.  And, yes, he acknowledged that there is tension between living under the control of one’s sin nature and walking in the Spirit. But…

    …but, they no longer had to be shackled by the Law; in Jesus they were free from the consequences of sin and death. Paul further instructed his readers to choose to live the sacrificial love Jesus showed them and, by so doing, they would experience and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22).

    After the Apostle Paul left (presumably to begin his second missionary journey), Pastor John noted that we, too, have the responsibility of complete surrender to the Holy Spirit in order to be the people God designed us to be. However (and this a big however), we are not meant to do this alone, which, as I think about it, takes us right into next week’s sermon.

    Next week Pastor Keith begins a series entitled “Lost in Translation.” He will be introducing us to Greek words that we often throw about in Christian circles without necessarily knowing the depth of God’s definition. Think of the Spanish fencer, Inigo Montoya (from one of Graham’s and Pastor Keith's favorite movies, The Princess Bride) saying – in a Scottish accent: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” The word this Sunday is koinonia and the Scripture passage is Acts 2:42-47.


    For Pastor John and Pastor Keith and Pastor David…

    Grace and peace,

    Ralph West


    Sunday Sermon Recap - June 2

    Good Wednesday to you,


    Last Sunday we took a look at Paul and Silas in the Philippian jail. It was not a pleasant experience. They were ceased by an angry mom for casting a demon out of a young girl, and faced false accusations that were racially and culturally motivated. Stripped and beaten, they were cast in the “inner cell” placed in stocks and locked up for the night. Our takeaway? Love of money often trumps truth and dignity.  Standing for truth is sometimes costly.


    That wasn’t the end of the story. Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God well into the night. Their hope was secure; they trusted God with their lives regardless of their circumstances. They were ready to take anything this world could “throw” at them, because they knew in whom they had believed. There was no expectation for a miracle, but one happened! At midnight, an earthquake shook the jailhouse, their chains fell off and the doors opened! The poor jailer thought his life was over, yet Paul cried out to him that they were all still there. The jailer fell before them and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” The answer, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved!”


    Sometimes, God shows up unexpectedly and surprises us. That is always a wonderful thing when it happens, but it doesn’t always happen. However, God always knows what is going on in our lives. Our challenge is to be prepared (ahead of time) for any challenge that comes our way. And challenges will come. There is a cost to discipleship. They hated Jesus; they will hate us. Be prepared by knowing in whom you believe. Study Scripture, memorize verses. Pray, sing and gather with other believers. Work on those “soul exercises,” and when the challenges appear, you will be ready!


    Next week is Pentecost Sunday, so wear RED to worship. Our call to worship will be Romans 8:12-16. The Old Testament reading (first service) is Psalm 104:24-33 and the sermon text will be John 14:15-26. I will also refer to Acts 2:1-21!


    Remember, WEAR RED ON SUNDAY!


    I hope to see you soon,


    Pastor David


    Sunday Sermon Recap!

    Good Wednesday to you,


    I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Lydia of Thyatira on Sunday. As Jesus spoke with the woman at well, so Paul speaks with the women at the river just outside Philippi; both extending dignity and respect to the women to whom they were speaking. It is a perfect illustration that in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile, no slave or free, no male or female. There is not an ounce of prejudice present in this narrative, although historically there should have been. That is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That Paul, given his background, would be freely conversing with these gentile women is a clear example of the transforming power of God.


    As we strive to live into the truth that all are due respect and dignity as “image barers,” I realize that we have just as much work to do inside the Church as we do outside the Church. As I was preparing this sermon, Jody sent me an open letter written by Beth Moore. It not only broke my heart, but made me realize that the Church has a way to go before we eliminate prejudice from our midst. If you like, you can read it here . If we are not seeing transformation in our own lives, how will the world ever see the power of the Gospel? The more I grow in my faith, the more I see the “walls,” the “barriers” in my own life that must come down. We do not relax the Law, but we must increasingly live and give grace upon grace.


    Next week, we will continue in our trek though Acts, looking at Paul’s arrest and incarceration in Philippi. Revelation 22:12-14 will be our call to worship, Psalm 97 will be the Old Testament reading in the first service, and Acts 16:16-34 will be the sermon text.


    I hope to see you soon!


    Grace and peace,


    Pastor David


    Sunday Sermon Recap!

    Good Wednesday to you,


    This past Sunday we had the privilege of hearing Christian Bland’s first sermon. At age twenty-one, it is clear that God’s hand us upon this young man. He began by reminding us that walls not only keep people out or in, but actually keep people apart. When the “lawful believers” of Jerusalem challenged Peter for eating with unclean Gentiles, Peter related his vision in the house of Simon, the tanner (claiming all foods clean)  and the subsequent command to go with the Gentiles to the home of Cornelius. He related what happened when he shared the Good News with Cornelius and his household – the Holy Spirit fell upon them! All were amazed that God had granted even the Gentiles repentance unto life! (Acts 11:18)


    Christian reminded us that differences will always be a part of our world, and that differences are not wrong but divisions are. By “majoring in the minors,” we have built walls based on differences, and those walls need to come down. That does not mean that theology is unimportant, but we must be careful not to turn non-essential preferences into quintessential beliefs. Tearing down walls that are of human construction is an important activity in the life of all believers. Thank you, Christian. (If you would like to send Christian an encouraging note, you can email him at


    Hope to see you soon!


    Pastor David

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