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    « Changing Gears »

    Lots of people are making their way to the beach to enjoy the warm sun and cold water.  We’ve officially kicked off the summer with our first trip to Forest Home (Creekside) with our middle school students and launched our first beach day.  We can officially say, summer is here!  As everyone is changing gears from school to vacation, the youth ministry staff is in the midst of changing gears as well.  


    As you many have heard, Amber Cuadra is getting married in October!  YEA!  We could not be more excited for her and Micah Fischer as they enter the covenant of marriage together.  We first met Amber about two years ago and boy we were impressed.  Over the past two years Amber has been a vital part of the Youth Ministry staff.  But now it’s time for Amber to change gears to follow God’s call in her life as she and Micah start a new chapter as husband and wife. 


    Amber’s role as the Youth Ministries Administrative Assistant was filled with so many opportunities to work with parents and students.  Amber managed all the online forms for Forest Home Winter and Summer Camp.  She also organized our Big-5 dinner and Crosswalk snack schedule.  Amber worked very hard to make sure all communication about events and details were sent out to all our families.  In all of these, she even made time to lead a small group of high school girls through the book of Proverbs and the book of Galatians. 


    In life, there are lots of opportunities to change gears.  With Amber changing gears, we will be left with a small hole in our hearts.  The reason I say small hole is because Amber may be resigning from her official staff position, but she has developed such a wonderful relationship with parents and students, she will continue as a Crosswalk volunteer!  So the way we see it is, we are getting the best of both worlds—we get to keep Amber and Micah on top of bringing a new person on staff to the Youth Ministry department. 


    So much of changing gears requires listening to the still small voice of God.  We look for the marvelous acts of God to direct us or we expect to hear a booming voice from heaven for direction, but all too often God’s voice is a whisper (1 Kings 19:12b).  As we continue to search for a new Youth Ministries Assistant, we ask you to pray for God’s voice to clearly call the right person for the job.  And, if God’s voice is prompting you to considering joining the team click here for the official job description.  Or, if you know someone who would be interested, we would love to meet them and discern the Will of God together. 


    In the meantime, like Amber and Micah, we will trust God while the gears change.  We will trust God to speak and point us in the right direction—much like the prophet Elijah!  


    Congratulations to Micah and Amber!  May our Lord bless you and keep you.  May he make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  May he lift his countenance upon you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)



    Pastor John

    Associate Pastor

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